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Why Join Us

Benefits of Joining Philly Maid Green

Since 2015, Philly Maid Green has been the city’s premier eco-friendly cleaning service committed to making our city cleaner, greener, and healthier.

Here are the primary reasons why employees are choosing Philly Maid Green.

  • $250 Signing Bonus

  • Great Pay! Starts at $18/ hour (Goes up to $22/ hour)

  • Bonuses and Tips

  • Great Schedule! No Nights / Weekends

  • No dealing With Harsh Chemicals (We only use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies that are safe around kids and pets)

As our name implies, we implement "green" practices in every aspect of our business, from our handmade, non-toxic cleaners, to our community clean-ups and our commitment to paying fair wages.

Client Locations

Where/How Do We Work?

We service residential clients within a 4-mile radius of Center City.

Specifically, we service homes that are south of Allegheny Ave, north of Oregon Ave, and east of 50th street. Employees are responsible for getting to and from their appointments within the semi-flexible arrival windows.

We provide all of the necessary cleaning products, which are 100% non-toxic and handcrafted so they’re safer for your health, our client’s health, and the earth.

Regardless of mandates, we continue to follow covid safety guidelines and require masks for service.

Our Schedule

What is The Schedule Like? 

We are currently looking for full-time cleaners who are willing to put in 25 hours per week.

We stick to weekdays, and will never make you work an evening or weekend shift. See our available shifts in the below application.

This is a great position for anyone with restaurant experience with the benefits of guaranteed hourly wages, daily cash/venmo tips, bonuses, nights and weekends off, semi-flexible scheduling, and minimal communication with customers.

Unlike most restaurants, we respect work-life balance and will guarantee any request-off that is submitted with two weeks notice.

We Are Hiring

We're Seeking Candidates with the Following Qualities

  • Punctual, efficient & reliable

  • Thoroughness & attention to detail

  • Trustworthy & honest

  • Positive attitude & pet friendly

  • Comfortable using public transportation, ride share, or your own insured vehicle

  • Must have a smart phone with reliable data

  • Fluent in English and authorized to work in the US

  • Customer service and/or food service experience is preferred but not required

What We Offer

Why You Should Join Philly Maid Green

  • $250 hiring bonus

  • Great hourly compensation of $18 to $22/hour (plus bonuses and tips)

  • Raises every 6 months

  • Employees who work 25+ hours/week receive a monthly septa trans pass or gas gift card of equal value

  • Paid training

  • Honors the importance of boundaries, requests-off, and work/life balance

  • Non-toxic cleaning products and all supplies are provided by the company

  • Easy dress code, respectful clients, and relaxed management

employee Testimonials

Here is What Our Employees Have to Say

Working with Philly Maid Green for the last three years has been nothing short of an opportunity to remember. Connecting and working within a team of friendly, respectable and hardworking professionals always provided me with a comfortable, safe and secure workplace.

Behind the scenes, Philly Maid Green has always been keen to the needs and concerns of their employees and has always shown genuine concern and understanding in difficult times such as facing Covid-19. During the 2020 pandemic, Philly Maid Green ensured that their employees continued to be compensated, while providing many resources at a time of worry and uncertainty.

Unfortunately I will be relocating but staff, teammates and clients will be dearly missed. I am confident in the growth and success of the business and would recommend it to anyone looking to be part of a great team.


Interested in joining us?

Submit an application below! Please do not call us for an application. Only those who include an updated resume will be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you!